Official distributor of Rio Yachts motor yachts and Catana catamarans

Sailor Expert 

Our mission is to take care of yachts as part of charter operations in marinas in the Mediterranean Sea.
As an official dealer of the Rio Yachts shipyard in Dubrovnik, we can configure, deliver and then take care of your dream yacht.

With us, each owner will be treated individually and their yacht will be treated with the utmost care. 

We take responsibility for large motor and sailing yachts, even several dozen meters long. 

As part of our care, we will not only take care of the yacht, but also provide a qualified crew for the cruise with the owners. 

In addition to charters with a professional crew, we also provide professional yacht servicing. 

With us, owners, guests and the yacht will always be served at the highest level. 

Choose professionalism and passion that drives us. 

Sailor Expert Team

Yachts in our offer

Rio Yachts

We have been processing wood and resins, brass and steel for over 60 years, we have delighted hundreds of thousands of sailors, we have built boats admired and appreciated by novices and connoisseurs, but above all, we spread love for the sea and Italian style. Intuition took over, it's time to take the plunge. And if it is true that seniority makes a difference, the primacy of the RIO brand, which was born at the dawn of sailing, has been historically proven. In 1961 it was born under the name "Avionautica Rio": it builds gliders and magnificent mahogany motorboats powered by Chris Craft and Rolls-Royce with evocative names Colorado, Paranà, Bonito, Espera.


Since 1984, CATANA catamarans have been crossing the world's oceans, participating in sports and scientific events or simply allowing their owners to pursue their dreams of freedom and independence. With almost 40 years of experience and know-how, CATANA CATAMARANS positions itself as a reference point in top-class yachts. The French brand has revolutionized Grand Voyage navigation, combining performance, luxury and comfort. All CATANA CATAMARANS customers can rely on the brand's expertise in the design and construction of a tailor-made catamaran. Trimmed to adapt to any conditions, CATANAs were born to share extraordinary experiences with their owners.

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Do you want to buy a yacht and don't know what to choose? In our base in Dubrovnik you will find yachts that no other charter company has. Do you want to check which yacht suits you best? Our strength is our fleet and experience.

Are you looking for a yacht? Do you want to charter, buy or manage a yacht?

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