SPORT COUPE' 58 is a completely new hull. It summarizes the technical, aesthetic, comfort and innovative elements, proven with success in previous models in this series. The combination of the most modern materials with Italian craftsmanship distinguishes the production of RIO YACHTS. Richly technically equipped. Hardtop with a sporty look. Completely enclosed and truly open: a yacht where interior and exterior spaces intertwine. Continuing the continuum of elegance and sportiness, practical applications and large spaces. Design studied by Marino Alfani, assisted by the design office during construction. Playing with tailoring details and perfect finishes that enliven a comfortable environment is the motto of Made in Italy. The interior and exterior spaces of the SPORT COUPE' 58 are characterized by the fact that they are all extremely connected. It is an environment of devotion to the pleasure of being together. Starting at the stern:  we find a large folding platform with a garage (for skis or jet skis) and a grill. A large cockpit with a sunbathing couch, modular tables, and an electric awning that allows you to enjoy the sun and sea inside. A characteristic element of the new RIO YACHTS yachts, tested in other models from this series, is the glass door between the cockpit and the wheelhouse. This allows you to completely close the cockpit, obtaining maximum comfort and extending the time of use. When not needed, the doors retract into the ceiling, giving the hull the look and feel of the utility of a real space. In this way, the SPORT COUPE' 58 becomes a boat for every season.