Modele Rio Yachts


Modern hard top with a sporty line, comfortable and functional.
Sport Coupe 58 "Free man, you will always love the sea...”
Parana 38 „There is only one passion, the passion of happiness”.
Le Mans 50 „The more art is controlled, restricted, developed… the more free it is”
Le Mans 45 „The fun is endless, the seriousness is not”


Open Pure, exciting boats, day boats, modern and innovative boats, fascinating and functional... low and with breathtaking lines.

Daytona 50 „It's not about having ideas. It's about making them happen.”
Daytona 45
Daytona 45 „Details are perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”
Daytona 35 „Happiness is the new wealth”.
Daytona 34 „A winner is a dreamer who never gave up”

Rib Inagua

A line of open and universal Maxi Ribs, dedicated to those who love contact with the sea, fun and relaxation in complete comfort.