LE MANS 45 is a new interpretation of RIO YACHTS, inspired by the famous DAYTONA line. It retains the main features of this successful line: a deck with wide passages at the bow, maximum space on deck, an unrestricted cockpit, ease of movement and safety. It also has a transparent roof that surrounds the cockpit for additional protection. This boat has been designed for the pleasure of companionship and relaxation. Its elegant and symmetrical lines ensure a wonderful and entertaining performance, with a top speed in excess of 42 knots. Customers can choose from an outboard engine, engines cleverly hidden in compartments, or onboard engines, with power tailored to their needs and preferences.


LE MANS 45 is a 13-meter yacht designed to offer extraordinary possibilities within the maritime experience. Her spacious cockpit can be transformed thanks to two large balconies that allow you to connect with the sea and the surrounding nature. Here you will find a spacious sundeck, a delicate garage and flexible seating, allowing you to adapt the layout in minutes, creating a large sofa around a fixed table. Helmsman's station , characterized by modern technology and design, is surrounded by an external kitchen, ensuring full comfort. The side decks are spacious, comfortable and safe, leading quickly to a double sofa in the bow, next to the sun terrace on the superstructure. The interiors, designed by the renowned SY DESIGN studio, are bright and subdued. It represents an intelligent, multifunctional open space. Both cabins have four berths, along with a well-designed bathroom. The division of space is unique for a 13-meter boat. LE MANS 45 is entirely made in Italy and designed for shared moments, pleasure and relaxation in total safety. This boat has been expertly crafted by a team of skilled hands from our craftsmen to meet the owners' needs for quality and attention to detail.